All About Hand Planes -Video

Jointing the edge of a board with a hand plane

My infatuation with hand planes started many years ago. In this video, I talk about how I got into hand planes, the different types, and how to use them.

This was recorded for the St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild at Weiss Hardwoods in Largo, Florida (the Tampa Bay area).

Learn about:
• Sizes and Types of Bench Planes
• The Difference between Bevel-Down and Bevel-Up Hand Planes
• How and When to Use a Bench Plane
• How to Use a Block Plane
• Proper Hand Plane Techniques
• Hand Plane Tips and Tricks

Randy Maxey is a contributing editor to WOOD and Woodsmith magazines as well as an author of books about woodworking.

Facebook: MiniMax Workshop
Instagram: minimaxworkshop

Special Thanks to:
Weiss Hardwoods, Largo, Florida for hosting the event
Woodsmith Magazine
Fine Woodworking Magazine for the shooting board design by David Finck
Hock Tools
Lee Valley Tools
Paul Sellers for the oil can tip

Camera & Audio: Andrew Gibson
Program Director for St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild: Bill Crawford
Music: David P. Maxey

NOTE: This event was recorded live in a commercial woodworking shop. As such, the lighting, audio, and video conditions were not ideal.

Products Shown:
WoodRiver® No. 1 Bench Plane
Veritas® 5-1/4 Bench Plane
Veritas® Low-Angle Smooth Plane
Veritas® Low-Angle Block Plane
Optional Grips for the Veritas® Low-Angle Block Plane
Veritas® Apron Plane
Leather Apron Plane Holster
Plane Screwdriver
Stanley/Record Cap Irons made by Veritas®
Stanley/Record Plane Blades made by Veritas®
PM-V11® Stanley/Record Plane Blades made by Veritas®
Hock Tools Bench Plane Blades and Breakers
• Shooting Board:
Weekend Project: Build a Shooting Board
A Shooting Board In Action
Shooting Board for Miters

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